Strike Plate Locks

Lock that Enhance your Home Security

Date : 31st April 2017    Author: Admin

The strike plate lock lets convert a strike plate which is a flimsy piece of security. This hefty piece of security, the Strike plate lock, offers a significant security upgrade to any strike-plate equipped regular door with a knob, and attaches in minutes. What is the Strike Plate Lock.
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How to Pick Your Home Security Door Locks

Date : 25th April 2016    Author: Admin

What your preference would be if you select door locks for your home? Is it fancy, eye-catching ones or something robust? Well, many would first prefer reliable ones that look good as well. When it comes to security of your loved ones and your precious possessions, locking system of the doors should be considered seriously and systematically. However, one must know the right trick of selecting home security door locks to prevent intruders and enhance safety while being inside or away from the house.
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Standard Features of Door Security Devices

Date : 23rd April 2016    Author: Admin

When it comes to door security devices, anyone will go for strong and reliable ones. Well, they are, of course, the main reasons why we need security locks for doors. However, there are some other striking aspects that can make your selection of security elements more useful.
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Explore the Options with Security Locks for Front Doors

Date : 8th April 2016    Author: Admin

When it comes to the security of the entire house, reliable front door security devices are first and foremost option one can consider. Front doors are the first target of burglars when they plan to break into a house. Hence, the security system of the main doors needs to strong and reliable. Before zeroing on the type of security devices for the doors, one must gather proper information related to the available options. Although there are varieties of home security devices available, it becomes crucial to get the right one for a particular kind of home or door because each home is unique and so is the importance of each door of a home. In fact, selection of the door locks should be made wisely as they are crucial protecting your loved ones and your home as well. Read More

Door Locks for Your Home Security

Date : 10th March 2016    Author: Admin

Whether your door is made of wood, iron or any other sturdy material, if you don't have the right safety lock burglars may enter your home without any hassle. A door lock is the backbone of your home security. Having an effective security lock for doorand using it on a regular basis is highly essential. It is considered as the first step towards protecting your home from invasion. Different types of door locks are now available in the market and some of them are more effective than others. Knowing their capabilities and how each lock works, helps you take the right decision while deciding whether to keep your existing lock system or to upgrade it to a new model. Read More

What is the best time to change your existing door security device?

Date : 16th Feb 2016    Author: Admin

Layered protection is the best way to protect your home from and family. Typically, a layered system includes, entry sensors, motion sensors, etc. Athough, these options are technologically advanced, you have to adopt a simple yet smartest method. Using a strike plate lock. There is a unique lock available online that is designed by an experienced police officer. This device has the world's strongest chain that keeps people barging in. If you expect unlawful entry to your home, get this device now. It is considered as one of the best home security devices for doors. So, what is the best time to change your existing door security device?

While moving into a new house:
This is the first and foremost reason, why you should change your door locks. This is something people are aware of, but they rarely do. If you are moving to a new apartment or a new house, change the door locks as soon as possible.

Change your lock after breakup:
It may be funny, but you have to make sure that you are the intelligent one. Sometimes, breakups end up with mutual terms, but not always. Whether it's a divorce, or a dating or a friendship, it's good to change your door locks to avoid unwanted circumstances.

When you lose your door keys: Install a new security lock for door in case you lose your keys. Don't let time pass, it's not worth it. Strangers may access your home. So, never keep your home address on your keys.

Change your lock if it is too old: Your old door lock may not work after years of wear and tear. Sometimes, it may be difficult for you to lock and unlock your door. However, an old lock can't protect you long enough. Change the lock as soon as possible. It has been studied that, a 7% of unlawful entry is committed by someone with a key. So changing your locks at the right time will make sure that you always know who has entered your house.

How to secure your doors with security devices?

Date : 4th Feb 2016    Author: Admin


People often call their home alarm company, when it comes to burglarproof the doors and windows. But, are they really helpful? I was a police officer and I believe in real defense. Do you think that burglars believe in technology? Yes, they do and they can steal your valuable assets without much hassle. Now, wht's the best idea to secure your family and home? You may get overwhelmed with the options available in the market. After my 22 years of service, I started to put together my ideas and experience for creating a unique product that'll make you a lot safer. This is a new, simpler & stronger door chain and lock considered as one of the best door security devices.

Let's have a look at a recent study.

A new study shows that more than 65% of the thieves enter through a door and it's pretty surprising. Although windows are made of glass, burglars prefer entering a house using the main or back door that is designed with solid wood. So, you have to make sure that your door is strong enough and kick-proof.

You need solid security:

Your exterior doors need to be strong and kick-prood. You should have a solid wood door or an metal door having interior reinforcement and a lock blok. It will prevent the thief from bending the door. Whether you have a wooden or metal door, use my strike plate locks. It has the world's strongest door chain. It can be used on all types of doors . Visit my website to know more about installation process.

Let's have a look at some other safety solutions.

What to do if you have a sliding door?

The current lock is made of 60 gauge cold steal and is installed by replacing a door’s existing strike plate with the Strike Plate Lock.

Burglarars often think that sliding doors are an invitation for them, in fact, there's plenty you can do to secure this decorative door. Keep the door loked, make sure that your door is made of reinforces glass, place a metal dowel in the sliding track and ask your security alarm company to install mtion sensors or vibration sensors. Get extra locks for doors, if you want to ensure the safety and security of your family.