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Super Secure Your Front Door with us

Date : 27th August 2016    Author: Admin

It is very common thing to say, but having a secure front door is important for the all-around security of your home and loved ones. The door is regularly a privileged point of entry for burglars, especially if it is not secure. We can consider taking the following steps to make your door burglar-proof; these would help you to go a long way in protecting your property.

1. Have a Strong Door
The benefit of having a strong door is that it would be harder for an intruder to break it down by force. It is better to install a door made of solid wood, fiberglass or metal. These might actually be more affordable than you think, just check with a good door producer.

2. Pay attention to door hinges
Even if you have a solid door but your home is still open to the outsiders if the door hinges are exposed. To counter this, take actions to reinforce the hinges. The process includes putting a setscrew in the hinge; placing crimped pins on either end of the hinges and employing safety studs. Use long screw on the hinge side to make your door absorb more force applied to break it.

3. Install a deadbolt lock
One of the basic ways to make your door stronger is installing a deadbolt. In addition to the dead bolt you should also fix a strong metal strike plate with long screws and full extension from the latch to the lock. To improvise your security you can use cylinder guards to prevent burglars from meddling lock loose.

4. Install a strike plate
Doors are usually broken easily by burglars if they don't have much resistivity against break-ins. Strike plate with door chain strengthens the outer door hundred time more effectively. It take more time for a burglars to break the door and you get more time to hide, protect yourself and call for help. Placing Strike Plate in all exterior doors will help in preventing or deteriorating intrusion. You can also have a lock or chain attached to open the door partially.

Keep your home safe by fortifying your main point of entry. Often there are good and strong doors that don't need to be replaced, but simply need new locks, new lighting, and a proper hinges. The easy fixes go a long way.